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Help with Updating or Reseting Password

Common Questions and Answers

<b>To Update Your Password:</b>
KnowledgeKeeper has two apps, and iOS App and Web App.

<b>iOS App:</b>
<li>In iOS click the settings icon in the bottom right.
<li>In Settings view scroll down to "Update Password".
<b>Web App:</b>
<i>Note: In the Web App the feature to change the password is not there yet but is under development. So it is a few more steps:</i>
<li>Logout of the Web App,
<li>Open the Login view and click "Forgot Password"
<li>In the Reset Password view enter your Username (email address) and click Submit.
<li>If the system finds your Username (email address) it will send an email with a link to reset the password.